Winners Circle 2 day Camp (Family: 2+ Riders)

Winners Circle 2 day Camp (Family: 2+ Riders)

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This is a fantastic opportunity guys; 2 days of race preparation on the 2019 Australian titles track.

📣April Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th

📣Do you want to learn the fastest lines?

📣Do you want to develop your race skills?

📣Do you want an awesome group of people to train with?

📣Do you want to learn from a coach with over 35 years experience? 


➡️Look no further than the Winners Circle Training Camp!


✅Private session on the new Shepparton track

Learn the quickest way through each straight

Master your gate start technique and test your speed with our timing gates

Master every turn and learn from the cornering “Hitman” himself!

2 days of training with 3 individual sessions!


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